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Dentists Recommend Dr. Das

Dr. Das has an amazing dedication to dentistry.  He’s also a skilled climber of the world’s tallest mountain peaks.  Wouldn’t you like your care from someone who can focus his talents on you as much as he focuses on reaching a mountain’s summit?  Dr. Das’ commitment to providing the best for his patients is exemplified by the awesome smiles he creates.  He is an excellent implant dentist and he can help you chew comfortably with all the skills he has mastered.

James R. McAnally, FICOI, FMIII, FAGD
Implant and Sedation Dentist
Seattle, WA

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation in support of Dr. Das for your all your dental implant and sedation needs.
Having interacted with Dr. Das during his dental residency and the past ten years, I can strongly recommend him to you.  He possesses a personality that is conducive to good doctor/patient relationships; his manner is one of professionalism among his colleagues and his patients. His clinical skills are deep-seated and he is especially well trained in resolving complex dental issues and delivering a good end result.  He is also a life-long learner, continually seeking to improve his knowledge and skills in order to provide the best for his patients.  He is committed to helping his patients keep their teeth healthy for life.
I give Dr. Das my strongest and most emphatic recommendation and wish him well in the endeavor he has sought to pursue.


John W. Inga, D.D.S.
Las Vegas, Nevada

I’ve known Dr. Piyuse Das for over nine years. In that time he has impressed me with what he has been able to do clinically for his patients.
He is one of the few dentists I know who is constantly learning new techniques and new treatment protocols to help his patients.  Because of Dr. Das’ willingness to listen and ask questions, as well tap into his extensive pool of knowledge, he has been able to develop streamlined treatment procedures, which ultimately improve the patients experience and create treatment predictability and success.

Doug C. Lin DDS
Hercules Dental Care
Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry

I have been referring my patients to Dr. Das for implants. By referring my implant patients to him, I have the added advantage that he recognizes the challenges I face in restoring the implants functionally and esthetically as a general practitioner.  While the implants are being placed he makes the necessary provisions right then and there so that my patients have a more predictable, functional and esthetic replacement that look and feel like their own teeth.  Sometimes he can even provide teeth for my patients at the same visit along with the implants they need.
            My patients tell me that they are pleased with their experience and the final result.  Often they are amazed at how little discomfort they had after the procedure – this is a sign of an excellent surgeon.  Their office also provides convenient appointments, easy to understand procedure explanations, and convenient payment plans to make their implant supported teeth a dream come true.  In this day of high specialist treatment fees, my patients were pleased to find the expertise and affordability a welcome combination in a friendly, non-threatening environment.
            I am so glad I found Dr. Das and so are my patients.  I would highly recommend Dr. Das and his wonderful team to both dentists and patients who are considering Implant Dentistry with a consistent, pleasant and predictable experience.

Yours for great health,

Varghese P. John, DMD
Advanced Dentistry
Sugar Land, TX

202 Medical Center, Webster, TX 77598 USA
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