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Patient Success Stories

“My natural teeth had been a source of embarrassment and pain for many years.  The embarrassment was difficult enough to deal with but the pain was excruciating at times.
I will never forget waking up in early 2003 and discovering that several of the crowns in the front were loose.  My biggest fear was having my teeth fall out while talking.  I couldn’t smile as much as I wanted because I was afraid people would see my teeth – or lack of teeth.

During this time, I made excuses for avoiding social situations, especially those that involved eating.  I became known as the person taking all the pictures instead of being in them.

At Dr. Das’ office, I had many questions and all were answered completely and to my satisfaction. The surgery was scheduled, and after years of avoidance I was actually looking forward to starting the process.  I was given medication to take both before and after the procedure so I felt ready to deal with the pain.  Immediately after arriving home, I took the pain medication as prescribed and then slept for several hours.  Upon waking up, there was no pain and I did not need any additional medication.

 My happiness this past year has increased a hundred fold as years of stress have been lifted from my life.  I have also started appearing in family photos after a thirty-year absence.  That will be a mystery to future generations as they review family albums!
My story would not be complete without giving complete credit and thanks to Dr. Das and his staff.  From my initial phone call to this point, I have experienced quality care from all members of his team at every appointment.

All procedures are performed in the office, which is not only comforting for fearful patients but also scheduling and travel hassles are eliminated.  I am told in advance how long each appointment will take and in all cases, the time commitment has been met.
I will forever be grateful for finding Dr. Das and entrusting my dental needs to his care.  His expertise, professionalism, and sense of humor have taken me from hopelessness to happiness.”
Barbara Davis --- Houston Public Speaker, Sedation Dentistry Patient

“I have to say I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the friendly, professional and caring staff of Dr. Das.  I found Dr. Das to be extremely professional and knowledgeable about the process that would be involved in helping me attain a smile that I wouldn’t be ashamed of.
“I LOVE my new look and couldn’t be happier with the level of care I’ve received both before and after the work was done – which was a relatively short period of time.”
Denise Sadberry --- Houston Insurance Agent, Cosmetic Dentistry Patient

“I used to be so afraid I couldn’t even walk into a dental office! Not anymore thanks to Dr. Das and his great team!”
David Hunt --- Houston Retiree, Sedation and Implant Dentistry Patient

“I hated my partial and would only wear it when I was around people.  It covered the roof of my mouth and altered the taste of my food. I saw your advertisement for the implants with permanent teeth and knew that’s what I wanted.  I was asleep during the whole procedure, so I really didn’t even know I had it done.  The night of the procedure I was able to eat with my new teeth, and the next day I didn’t even need pain medication.  I’m able to eat what I want with no problems.  I would highly recommend the “Teeth-in-an-Hour” procedure, in fact, I plan to do my bottom teeth when the time comes.”Jim Spears ---Houston Restaurant Owner, Sedation and Implant Dentistry Patient

“I was always surprised at how quick the visits went by even though when I woke up I realized that I had been in the office for a couple of hours.  My lower teeth are rock solid.  I would never go back to a denture!  Thank you Dr. Das!”Paul Winters --- Houston Engineer, Implant Dentistry Patient

“I initially decided to go to Dr. Das for an exam and appraisal of my denture and find out price, aesthetic appeal (natural looking), and options available.  I was aware that the health of my mouth affected my overall health and well-being.
I feel that I was provided with the latest state of the art technology and information available at a reasonable cost overall, everything considered.  The utmost attention to every detail was attended to in a comfortable environment with a pleasant staff with minimum discomfort and pain.  I would refer anyone to Dr. Das that is willing to seriously address their dental needs rather than just get by for the moment.
As a result of my experience, I walked away with a beautiful smile for the first time in over a decade.  I am now able to eat most any type of food very comfortably.  With implants, my teeth don’t move around anymore.  The natural appearance of my new teeth make them look as real as possible, rather than draw attention and “scream fake.”  My advice to anyone considering treatment with Dr. Das is don’t question it, just take the first step – you will be very happy with his quality of care and your new smile!”
Donna Huber --- Houston Retiree, Implant Dentistry Patient

“I am thrilled that I found Dr. Das!  I reached a point where it was implants or it was soup everyday (and I hated the thought of that).  My implants are perfect for me and I can eat whatever I want.  Dr. Das does a great job and I couldn’t be happier. It was worth driving from Livingston for my appointments!”
Linda Holbrook --- Paralegal, Sedation and Implant Dentistry Patient

“All my life I have hated going to the dentist, until coming to Dr. Das’ office.  I have no tolerance for pain and dental work, even the noise is a problem for me.  I have and will continue to refer anyone to Dr. Das as I have never found a dentist or staff this is nicer, more professional, and yet very personal.  Each staff member that I have dealt with has been wonderful.  They ALL care.  I have no pain and a smile that I am proud of.  I hope you do not change a thing.
I really appreciate the fact that I don’t have a long wait when I have an appointment.  Dr. Das makes me feel that I am as important to him as he is to me.  Thanks to all of you for everything.”
Karen Perez --- Houston Sedation and General Dentistry Patient

 “I can’t imagine having dental implants done by anyone/anywhere else.  Dr. Das and his entire staff are personable, professional, and caring.  Thank you, my friends for all you’ve done for me.”
Dorothy Carroll ---Houston Retiree, Sedation and Implant Dentistry Patient

“From previous visits at other dental offices I was treated like a dollar sign, and patient care wasn’t the priority.  But at Dr. Das’ office I feel like my care is their main priority.  I like how Dr. Das would ask me how I was feeling during my procedure to make sure I was comfortable.  It was a nice touch and definitely stood out.”
Greg Ruth --- Houston General Dentistry Patient

“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciated your kindness.  I was pleasantly surprised by the gentle nature of each person.  Coming back to have the actual procedure done was no easy task for me.  However, the way each person reached out to make sure I was comfortable made it easier.
This is a fear that many of my family members also have.  I heard from several of them yesterday and they are now considering making their own appointments.  They all know how deep my fear is and have said if I can find the courage, maybe they can too.  The only advice I gave them was to call your office.
I was able to share with them some of the new technologies that are available.  The only way I know about these is through your kind staff.  Thank you for allowing me to see how a visit to the dentist should be.  Your staff is truly one of a kind.”
Candice Boston --- Sedation and General Dentistry Patient

“Dr. Das has the most polite and professional staff.  I called at the last minute and they saw me within four hours just before the Thanksgiving holiday.  I rate this as the best visit I’ve ever had.”
C.A. Lilly --- Houston Retiree, General Dentistry Patient

“I have never had a problem with any treatment I have received from Dr. Das.  When I had an implant done, I was nervous at first because I didn’t know what to expect and I was nervous about the cost.  But Dr. Das and his staff explained everything to me in detail before the procedure, and there were plenty of payment options I could choose from.  My advice to anyone considering treatment with Dr. Das is don’t question it – it is very gentle, well explained care!”
Joan Stillwell --- Houston Full-Time Mom, Implant Dentistry Patient

“When I had my false teeth, there were a lot of foods I couldn’t eat – like corn on the cob.  Now I can eat whatever I want because my implants are just like real teeth.  I don’t remember a thing from my surgery, it went well with little discomfort.  It was all worth it.”
Geri Jackson --- Houston School Teacher, Sedation and Implant Dentistry Patient

“I can’t recommend having your care done with sedation dentistry highly enough.  It is the only way to have treatment.  Before, my dentist could never get me numb.  It always hurt.  None of the happened with Dr. Das.  My surgery was pretty serious that Dr. Das had to perform, but I was AMAZED at how comfortable I was after my surgery.  I was virtually pain-free, and I don’t remember a thing – unbelievable!”
Rick Monrad --- Houston Investment Banker, Sedation Dentistry Patient

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